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Finally, to assert his ultimate control over his girl, Seth administers an additional, major, fully-nude spanking to Kailee, post orgasm. In this segment, Amber continues stuffing Dia's butt with every toy she can find in her toybag, then pulls one out of her bottom and makes Dia suck on it while Amber canes her!  At the conclusion of this scene, neighbor and policewoman Susan Mills s... From the Shadow Lane video Mischief Makers 2 - Judgement Day. Starring Samantha Woodley as Crystal, Sierra Salem as Melissa and Arthur Sire as Claude. These two little angels were naughty as hell, but soon they learned their lesson well. Claude doesn... The first spanking is awarded to Jenni for attempting to steal the answers to her midterm exam at Braemar Prep School. Her sister Sarah, already spanked, looks on while rubbing her own sore bottom, as Miss Grey punishes Jenni. In order to prepare themselves for their upcoming initiation ordeal, Dia Zerva puts DragonLily over her lap for a vigorous old fashioned otk spanking. Now it's Heather's turn! And as no fiance or husband is present to carry out this awesome duty, it falls to Mr. Lexan to administer the discipline to Heather himself. Over his substantial lap the little blonde goes for a long, hard, cheek pinkening p... 22 year old British brat Sophie gets permission from her Aunt Sylvia to have friends over for a party. But Sophie lets her friends stay way too late and then argues with her aunt about sending them home. Angry Aunt Sylvia gives Sophie a sharp, sponta... Jake comes by to see Beth. But she has forgotten their date. Jake resents this cavalier treatment and decides that the careless girl could benefit from another spanking, this time from him. Nikki's 2nd spanking continues. She wriggles and argues, wheedles and writhes, but Mr. Fuller spanks on, telling Nikki that from now on she can make her mad money working for him, and to bring her mop and bucket next time.

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The new music instructress at Braemar Prep is in big trouble with the head master. After spanking 13 pupils in the first 3 weeks of term, one indignant parent has pulled his daughter out of school. Held accountable for her proflig... Kim Crowley has entered the house through the rear, to spy with gloating interest on the corporal punishment scene occurring within. The slender, fashionable redhead lurks quietly in the background, witnessing Diana's humiliating bare bottom spanking... Keith is trying to do some last minute number crunching on his laptop before leaving for work, but Dia keeps creating loud noises that disturb his concentration. He appeals to her to show mercy but the bouncy blonde virtually ignores his pleas, runni... The next morning, still feeling her severe spanking from Mr. Fuller, Rucca takes Cheyenne sternly to task for getting her into such deep trouble with their mutual patron. Both young women are clad in provocative lingerie that displays their very diff... Miss Howard, Penny's faculty advisor, has called her former student to her office to answer for selling term papers to her classmates. Penny will face an ignominious expulsion from school within months of graduating, unless she ag...

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In the 2nd half of this scene, Penny's sharp lesson in academic honesty continues when Eve requires the shapely college senior to strip to her radiant skin, take a nude over the knee spanking and then kneel across a padded stool, her backside pointin... This is from our 2nd series, a rear view collection of Shadow Lane beauties upturned, uncovered and spanked rosy red. No Ifs, Ands - Just Butts! 2, is a bountiful video clip compilation, wherein the cynosure of each vignette is the well-spanked, blus... Arthur has another surprise for his perverse playmate, a beautiful, heavy glass butt plug, which Angella is made to accept and retain for the entire second half of her disciplinary spanking. Staged on a sturdy spanking and discipline horse, upholster... When a beautiful suburban housewife (Zille Defeu) invites her husband's first wife (Clare Fonda) to her home for mojitos, she harbors a diabolical hidden agenda. Having long felt cruelly snubbed by Iris, Zille informs ...

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Ms. Trent consults Dr. Karmic about how to cope with her reckless sexuality. She almost never wear panties and wants people to realize this, which leads to any amount of flashing strangers. In addition, she can\'t help coming onto hot men at work and... Dr. Redmond Barry (Danny Chrighton) and Dr. Kurt Camphor (Arthur Sire) continue their treatments on two patients seeking to improve their behavior this day. Gretchen Van Allen (Chloe Elise) and Heather Heller (Amber Pixie Wells) know they've behaved ... Mr. Dominick insists that Ashley be totally nude for her discipline. While she doesn't like it, the sullen girl obeys, even to the point of bending over and spreading her bottom for inspection. The scenario becomes even more provocative when the det...

3X Gallery | Premium Spanking | Premium Bondage | Punished Females | Spanked Tails | OTK Guide | Tied Brats

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